CO analyzer COM3-4000 CO analyzer
Digital-display hand-held CO analyzer
CO analyzer for continuous
with electro-chemical measuring cell measurement of CO concentrations
designed to determine the CO in gas channels.
concentration in gases. The CO analyzer is mounted directly
Measuring range 0 to 1999 ppm, to the gas channel and provides
automatic switching from 0,2 to 0,4 Measuring range: 100 to 20000 ppm
% by volume. Adjustable max. limit Setting time: 5 to 360 s
value. Gas temperature: ≤ 300C
Flue Gas Analysis Computer EUROLYZER
Flue Gas Analysis Computer MINILYZER 02 complete measuring device with or
MINILYZER 02 is the ideal solution for without draft. State-of-the-art sensor
checking and servicing small and technology with compact sensors
medium heating systems. which are protected by selective
Measuring range: 0C to 1000C filters for prolonged service life.
Resolution: 0,1C; TC: NiCr-Ni Typ K Available measured values (up: O2,
Measured parameters:O2,CO,flue gas CO2, qA,TA,draft; down: CO,CO abs,
temperature, room temperature, draft, lambda, TGAS).
pressure, NO optional.