Temperature Thermometers
Bimetal air duct thermometers Combination gauge              TM 80
Air conditioning and ventilation
for combined pressure and
technology temperature measurement 
Type   D2. Size 63 - 80 - 100  in heating systems and boilers. 
Measuring element - Bimetal helix Connection R 1/2“.
Accuracy - Class 2 (DIN 16203) Meas. range (bar) 0 - 4
Range°C-30/+50,-20/+60,-20/+40,0/60 Ranges°C +20/+120
Housing    Sheet steel, galvanized housing 80 mm black steel, chromium-
plated crimped bezel.
Bimetal Thermometer           Series BT Spirit-Filled Glass Thermometer  Series GT
2", 3" or 5" Dial, Dual Scale, ±1% FS  Partial Immersion, °F and °C Ranges, 
Accuracy, External Reset. Individually Serialized. Thermometers 
These corrosion resistant units are  offer accurate and reliable 
constructed from stainless steel and  temperature measurement without 
are hermetically sealed to prevent  worry of mercury contamination or 
crystal fogging. The bimetal element  disposal. Organically filled with blue or 
directly drives pointer, eliminating  red mineral spirits,these thermometers 
gears and linkage. An external reset  are designed for applications 
screw allows field calibration . requiring only partial immersion.