Temperature Meters & Indicators
Smart Indicator/Transmitter Series 1300 Temperature/Process Indicator PP45
1/8 DIN, SQRT Function, Universal Universal Input, 0.1% Accuracy,
Inputs, Alarms/Analog Retransmission 6 Digit Display. Featuring universal
Outputs. Series 1300 are extremely input for thermocouples, RTDs,
versatile digital process controls, ideal differential input, and process input;
for use with Dwyer pressure, PP45 offers easy setup for most
temperature and flow sensors. temperature and process applications.
Microprocessor based, all models are A standard 24 Volt isolated, regulated
fully programmable and accept power supply is included to power
common thermocouple, RTD, current,.. standard 4 to 20 mA transmitters.
Temperature Panel Meter PM706 Temperature Indicator TI
Dual Alarm, Relay and Analog Output. Low Cost, Two-Digit Display.
PM706 monitors and displays Units offer a temperature range of
temperature measurements using a .-58 to 99F (-50 to 99C) with an G41
Type K thermocouple input. Meter accuracy of 1%. Quickly view
features dual adjustable set points temperatures on the bright red,
with 1A relays and a selectable double-digit LEC. Models TI-106 and
4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output signal. TI-216 feature an external
View alarm settings by depressing the potentiometer for probe temperature
tactile alarm button on the front panel. adjustment.