Temperature Controllers , Timers
Temperature Controller/Process     2600 Temperature Controller/Process     32A
1/4 DIN Self-TuneŽ PID, Fuzzy Logic  1/32 DIN, Universal Input, Self-TuneŽ, 
Software. Units feature a universal 
Fuzzy Logic. Universal input 
input for thermocouple types J,K,E,T,L, (10 thermocouple types,4 RTD types, 
N,B,C,S & R; RTDs 100Ω Plt. NIST,  voltage and current), single or dual 
100Ω Plt. DIN, 120Ω Ni Industrial,  set point. Process protection features 
1000Ω Plt. DIN; differential input  include open sensor protection, 
(-10 to +10 mV DC)and process input  shorted sensor protection, input rate 
(0 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 10 VDC).  of change protection and loop break 
A standard 24 Volt isolated-regulated. protection. 
Digital Timer LCT116 Analog Timer LCT016 
Low Cost, 1/16 DIN Panel Mount, Ten 
Low Cost, 1/16 DIN Panel Mount, Four 
Timing Functions. Set point and timing  Timing Functions. Scale and timing 
functions are easily adjusted with the  functions are easily adjusted with 
individual set buttons. An LCD display  individual front mounted switches. 
on the front indicates current time  The included tamper resistant cover 
status and a bargraph for indicating  discourages unauthorized changes of 
relative time remaining. Ten different  the scale, timing functions and 
timing functions and ten different time  restricts movement of the analog set 
scales give you the greatest flexibility. point knob.