Temperature Controllers , Timers
Temperature Controller      Series 8500 Temperature Controller      Series 2500
1/8 DIN, Horizontal or Vertical Format, 
1/4 DIN Fully Programmable, Self-
Microprocessor Based, Fully  Tune® PID. Input types are selectable 
Programmable, Self-Tune® PID. from a variety of thermocouple types 
Inputs are selectable from a variety of  (J, K, T, E, N or L) or DIN, NIST or 
thermocouple types including J,K,T, E,  Ni RTD ’s. Outputs include solid state 
N or L; DIN NIST or Ni RTD’s. Output  relay, mechanical relay, 5 VDC (ideal 
choices include solid state relay,  for driving an external SSR) or 
mechanical relay, 5 VDC - isolated  isolated 4-20 mA proportional current. 
4-20 mA proportional current (NEMA 4X; IP65).
Temperature Controller/Process     16A Temperature Controller/Process     16S
1/16 DIN, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, 
1/16 DIN, Universal Input, Isolated 
Self-Tune® PID. Selectable inputs can  Outputs,Fuzzy Logic,Self-Tune® PID.
be thermocouple, RTD, current or  The 16S offer universal input 
voltage. Available outputs are solid- (10 thermocouple types, 4 RTD types, 
state relay, relay, pulsed voltage, or  voltage, and current), single or dual 
proportional current Programmable  set point, alarm (optional), Heater 
alarm (optional) can be reset  Break protection, Auto/Manual, and 
automatically or manually. Front panel  16 Segment Ramp and Soak with 
is waterproof (UL type 4-X). adjustable time base soak.