Temperature Controllers , Timers
Thermocouple&RTD Limit/Alarm Switch Module Analog Setpoint Temperature Controller   1400
Two Form C (SPDT) Switches, Small  1/16 DIN, Compact & Low Cost.
Size, Mounts Easily on 35mm DIN Rail.
Analog setpoint indicator and dual 
The Series SC1290 & SC1490 are on- °F/°C scale. Inputs include J & K type 
off or limit switches with selectable thermocouples or RTDs. Control 
process signal, thermocouple, or RTD  outputs are available as either On/Off 
inputs. Input type, scale range, output  or Time Proportioning Relay, SSR or 
action, and output type are selectable  5VDC Logic reverse acting (heating). 
by the user in the field. All selections  Front panel meets NEMA-2 and 
are made without to open the product. NEMA-12.
Temperature Controller/Process     8600 Limit Control  16L
1/8 DIN Microprocessor Based, Fully 
FM Approved, Large, Dual Display, 
Programmable, Includes Self-TuneŽ  Universal Input. 
PID, Fuzzy Logic Software.  The 16L offers universal input 
For thermocouple types J,K,E,T,L,N,B, (10 thermocouple types, 4 RTD types, 
C,S,&R;RTD-100ΩPlt.NIST,100ΩPlt.DIN,  voltage, and current), single set point 
120Ω Ni Industrial, 1000Ω Plt. DIN;  or dual set point. Standard features 
differential input (-10 to +10 mV DC)  include Remote Reset capability, 
and process input (0 to 20 mA DC,  Peak/Valley indication, open sensor 
0 to 10 VDC).  protection.