I to P Converters
Pneumatic Pressure Controller/Regulator DPI530 High speed digital pressure controllers  7 2 1 5
Any full scale can be specified They are ideal for high volume 
between the ranges listed below: pressure testing or calibration and are 
0-1 psi to 0-300 psi, 0-5 psi to  an automated alternative to manual 
0-300 psi absolute. industrial deadweight testers. The 
Optional -14.5psi g capability available. Model 7215xi, 7215i and 7215 up to 
Source supply to be dry, non- 2500 psi utilize Ruska’s unique fused-
corrosive gas at a value between  quartz Bourdon tube transducer, still 
10% to 40% above F.S. pressure  the most accurate pressure 
range. Operating Temp. : 32° to 122°F transducer available.
High pressure pneumatic & hydraulic controllers Precision Pressure Controller/Calibrator DPI515
Pneumatic full scale ranges to  Pressure ranges up to 3000 psi;
10,000 psia; Precision 0.01% full scale;
Hydraulic full scale ranges to  Control stability 0.001% of span;
40,000 psia; User friendly, high speed control;
Dual sensor option; Unique, patented control system;
Precision to 0.01% of full scale; RS 232 and IEEE 488 communications;
Stability 0.01% of full scale per year; ISO 9001 approved, with all 
Fully programmable, RS-232 and  instruments manufactured to strict
IEEE-488 quality control procedures