Flow Indicators and Transmitters
Flow Transmitter Mut 2200 Flow Transmitter Mut 2500
DN : from 25 up to 400 mm
DN: from 450 up to 2000 mm
PN: Standard up to 64 bar PN: Standard up to 64 bar
Flanges: standard UNI 2223, DIN 250. Flanges: standard UNI 2223,DIN 2501,
on request ANSI 150/300, AWWA, KS BS 4504 on request ANSI 150/300,
DN 25...150 std.PTFE AWWA, KS
DN>150std:hard rubber for foodstuffs Standard: hard rubber for foodstuffs
on request PTFE, EPDM, ABRAL on request : PTFE, EPDM, ABRAL
Standard: AISI 316 L Standard: AISI 316 L
IP 68 at 1,5 m H2O (IEC 529) IP 68 at 1,5 m H2O (IEC 529)
Electromagnetic Flowmeter Mut 2400 Electronic Converter MC 306
DN 25....100 mm
Model MC 306 is contained in an IP 67
PN 25 (DN 25...50) 16 (DN 65...100) ABS housing (165 x 140 x 65 mm).It is 
Structure completely in AISI 304 always without keyboard, while the
Junctions DIN 11851, SMS, ISO 2852, display is  optional. It can be supplied
L14AM7; PTFE Electrodes AISI 316 L. mounted on the sensor, or separate
Max liquid temperature 140C from it. In this last case the maxim
Version: Compact / Separate distance between MC306 and sensor
Degree of protection IP 68 is 100 meters (see attached graph)
Electric connections PG11 only two ON/OFF outputs.