Gas Control
Pressure Switches for Gas and Air Ignition Transformers
Unites functionally interrelated  For ignition of gas burners
components such as ignition  Compact dimensions for cabinet or 
transformer,gas solenoid valve, and  wall mounting
flame supervision device.  Ignition and burner monitoring with 
Flame detection with flame rod or  common electrode
UV detector
Options for restart or immediate fault 
lock-out following flame failure
High Pressure Pilot Operated Regulators Valve Proving Controls
Available for sensing gas pressure or  Checks both shut-off valves for 
air pressure leakage
Sensing range of 0.2 inch WC to  Prevents burner from starting if leak
7 psi for gas is detected
Sensing range of 0.08 inch WC to  Testing before or after burner run
20 inch WC for air Separate presure switch not required
Extremely safe due to self-monitoring