Gas Control
Solenoid Valves Air/Gas Ratio Regulators
Our product line with over 3000  Maintains constant gas/air ratio to 
product has valves for all types of optimize combustion
fluids, like water, steam, gas, oil,  Internal low fi re by-pass available
refrigerants, acids and for almost  Wide regulating range
every application in a wide range of Inlet pressures up to 3 psig
industries. Outlet pressures up to 48 inch WC
For continuous, high/low, and 
pre-heated air applications
Pressure Reducing Regulators Control valves for Air
Low and medium pressure regulators Ideal for setting fl ow rates of air
High regulating precision with various Low leakage rates and pressure 
types of gaseous media losses. Some models available with 
Inlet pressure up to 60 psig position indicator
Springs available for outlet pressure  Motors
adjustments Actuated via three step, continuous, 
Sizes from 1/2 inch to 4 inches or two-point signal Infinitely adjustable 
Burner Controls - Safeguards, Detectors, Sensors Outlet pressure cut off switching cams standard